Black Tropic strap 20mm with double loops
Black Tropic strap 20mm Back view
Black Tropic strap on tool-watch

Black Tropic Rubber Strap

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NEW! Black Tropic Strap 20mm

Wolbrook fresh and new take on the classic Tropic rubber watch strap in black color.

Wolbrook black Tropic straps are made of NBR vulcanized rubber and features 2mm diameter springbars. This is a 20mm rubber band.

Delivered with 3 loops; So you can choose to wear your tropic strap 2 slim ones or 1 large one. Your choice!

Specifications of the Black Tropic Rubber Strap

  • Dimension & Size:
    • Long part length: 120mm
    • Short part length: 75mm
    • Lug width: 20mm
    • Buckle width: 16mm
  • Springbars: "Fat" 2mm Ø - Compatible with vintage Rolex and Seiko watches.
  • Material: NBR Rubber
    • Oil-Resistant - Won't be damaged by lubricant or sunscreen
    • Water-Resistant - Ocean ready
  • Color: Black
  • Delivered with 3 loops, you can choose to use either:
    • Two skinny loops of 6mm
    • One large loop of 12mm