Terms of Sales

Wolbrook Watches Terms of Pre-Sales

Last update: 2020.11.30

Wolbrook gives you the option to “Pre-order” some models. “Pre-ordering” a Wolbrook watch gives you the ability to purchase at a special price a watch that will be available later in 3 to 6 weeks (unless specified otherwise) from the day of release of the model. Pre-orders are following below Terms of Sale:

  1. Watches made available to Pre-order are available in limited quantities. You acknowledge that Wolbrook may not be able to fulfil your Pre-order unless explicitly confirmed by an email, and the deposit in EUR is debited to your credit card.
  2. Due to the nature of this type of sale, where a limited number of timepieces are created and made available only to customers who placed a pre-order, Pre-Orders are therefore final, cannot be returned (unless defective) and are non-refundable. The pre-order amount can only be used towards other products from this website, for products like straps, watches or accessories. For a transferred deposit of a Pre-order you will not be entitled to any additional compensation or remedies, to the extent permitted by law.
  3. If the Wolbrook timepiece you have ordered is not available within a reasonable amount of time (below 14 weeks after the latest official delivery day), Wolbrook will inform you within 2 weeks by email and offer an exchange or a total refund.
  4. By placing a Pre-order, you accept the above terms of sale. Accepting the above terms establishes a binding contract between you and Wolbrook.