In 1949, WOLBROOK and its sister brand DOUGLAS were born. Their most distinguished timepiece was a special tool-watch from the 1960s, nicknamed the SKINDIVER “WORLDTIMER” by collectors. With advertising in Life, Time, and Esquire magazines, these “incredible” watches – as they were called in the headlines - were renowned for their water resistance and were in fact sold in a water-filled container. 

Esquire Advertising June and July 1974 - Note: $19.95 USD would be around $350 to $450 in 2020, if you consider factors like currency appreciation, increased costs of labor and raw material.

Then the “Quartz Crisis” in the 1970s happened…


A DOUGLAS Skindiver “Worldtimer” from the 1960s, owned and worn by a legendary test pilot, astronaut and engineer was recently auctioned and its authenticity was confirmed (Source: Heritage Auction). This tool-watch was worn by engineers and test pilots.

Wolbrook vintage watches

A 1960s Skindiver tool-watch was recently auctioned and its authenticity was confirmed

The 1960s Skindiver “Worldtimer” was a solid, water-resistant and highly legible timepiece with luminous markers and hands, large sweep second hand, distinctive hour and minute hands, time zone, elapsed time and 24 hours indicators. This mix of features from a diving watch and a pilot watch makes it the kind of tool-watch “a NASA engineer and test pilot” would personally choose and wear.

A test pilot flies countless aircrafts through his career. The fact that his Skindiver could accompany him in a cockpit is highly probable but which one is impossible to know and leaves a part of mystery. This is where history stops and the legend starts…